anyone use a coffee press?

  1. My Krups coffee maker, which I like very much, has to be sent back for repair after only eight months. I guess they don't make them like they used to. My old one still worked after many years.

    So since I'll be without it for a couple of weeks, I was thinking of picking up a press for temporary use. Anyone use these?
  2. That’s all I use. I love it! Gives the coffee a very rich flavor and thicker consistency.
  3. Think I'll try it. TJ Maxx has some for under $20.
  4. I went to buy one yesterday but couldn't make up my mind. Some review said the glass ones don't keep coffee hot. So I guess if you make multiple cups you may have to reheat?
  5. I've never liked/gotten the hang of French press. The coffee always comes out way too dark and oily. I prefer a pour over ceramic insert that goes on top of a mug, or a Chemex/Hario drip coffee maker if not going the machine route.

    Good luck with your machine, by the way!

  6. Yes, I love coffee made in a French press. My favorite is the Bodum 4 cup which really just makes one large cup. I make and drink it right away but when I used to have the larger 8 cup press I would use a carafe to keep the coffee warm over a longer period.