Anyone use a Coach for a laptop bag???

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  1. I just got my new Mac! (yay) :yahoo:

    And I want to buy a coach bag for it. I'm not too fond of the briefcases that they have but I'm thinking a Large Signature Stripe Tote will work.

    Any suggestions? Does anyone else do this w/their laptops????
  2. The only thing I would recommend would be if you use a Coach non-computer bag to go out and buy a neoprene sleeve for the computer first, then put THAT in your Coach bag. A regular bag does not have enough padding for a computer to protect it against bumps, so you'll risk damaging your new laptop. I use an LV Uzes for mine, but I definitely put it in its sleeve to protect it. You can get sleeve at pretty much any computer store or CompUSA, Best Buy etc.
  3. Yea, I bought one at Mac yesterday(incase) and it is just a little too big for my sig. reversible tote. So I'm thinking the large will give me plenty of room, and it'll be protected.
  4. I have a small laptop, and I use a sleeve with my whiskey gigi tote. There's room for the power supply, files, etc. It works quite well, and the leather is fantastic. good luck!
  5. i have a mac too!! a macbook (white)
    what kind you got? i used to have a large signature stripe tote and i used to put my mac in it, but i sold it... now i use my large laced chelsea hobo or my poppy tote or i m going to use my new chambray carly!!!
  6. This bag, the Soho signature large satchel, would fit a laptop... I haven't used it for that purpose yet, but my bag is only a couple of weeks old. Hehe.
  7. yeah the gigi would have been great... too bad i m so cheap :sad: if i found a gigi for like 200 bucks i d get it!!! id love a clay one... it WOULD fit a macbook, so would the legacy slim tote from 06 that looks like the gigi only smaller and with 1 pocket... and the legacy mandy from 06 also fits the macbook... its a snug fit but oh well
  8. I use my vintage ergo tote (large). and i do have a sleeve to protect my laptop. with the laptop, I can also fit a bunch of files (and pens and stuff in the front pocket or zip pocket). Very convenient.
  9. I use two different messengers and a hamptons business tote. I should go back and check my duffle and my original 3 work laptops ago they it in those too....but then my work computer kept getting bigger...and now I'm on a ginormous dell laptop... but I bet my macbook would fit....
  10. My boss has that bag but in leather. She says its great but not practical. I think the zipper annoys her.

    I found this exact bag today at Winners for $249. I have 10 days to think it over. I'm not going to use it for a laptop but I need it for files, binders, magazines...I can carry a separate handbag, of course. Or, I could throw my wallet inside plus 2 PDA's along with files etc. Yes, it'd get pretty heavy, I'm sure but it still beats an actual briefcase (yuk).

    Is $250 a good price though? It's in mint condition. It sort of reminds me of a retro Pan Am travel bag although it's not shaped the same way as those typical vinyl airline bags, kwim? The Pan Am retro vinyl bag look isn't all bad...sort of geek chic retro, kwim? But that's sort of a waste of a nice leather Coach bag, right?

    It would be MORE useful if this bag had an external pocket too.
  12. I moved the leather tag over where it belongs...I don't think I'd really need to zip this bag closed...gee, just not sure since I have bought a few bags lately. It's one of the nicer Coach bags I've seen at Winners lately. I'd carry it tote style in one hand more than on my shoulder and more than on the crook of my arm, I think.

    Coach z soho lthr lrge satchel.jpg

    Coach z soho lthr lrge satchel 2.jpg
  13. I switch between my Editorial Colette Black leather tote or Brooklyn Steel Messenger. Both are kind of huge though, but I love them. And the Brooklyn is pretty heavy. I always use a neoprene protector sleeve too.
  14. Thanks for the input! Although I don't think I'd ever carry a laptop in this bag, it's nice to know it would fit. Maybe a tablet???? I'm going to google your bags now because I'm not familar with them - thanks again. I also just discovered that the Coach penelope satchel (metallic or canvas) looks like the Z soho large satchel, too!
  15. I don't put a laptop in any Coach, but my netbook sometimes goes into my black licorice patent glam tote (in its neoprene sleeve of course)