Anyone upgrade e-ring for 25th anniversary?

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  1. Just wondering. If you did an upgrade after 25 years of marriage- what size did you go up to? Our expenses are too great now, 2 in college and a 3rd just around the corner. But I did reset a couple times in the last 10 years. I have 2 e-rings ( long story) but one is a 1.21 and the other is a 1.25. My 1.25 is a round and the 1.21 is a cushion . Last summer I sold a bunch of bags and stuff to get the cushion but the price I paid for that would have been negligible to upgrade my round . So now I have 2 rings! How cool would it be to give them both back and have a 2.50. Too bad it doesn't work that way. [emoji22]
  2. I didn't do it at 25 yrs, we did it around 10.
    Mine was a very significant upgrade. I can't quite remember what my original was, I'd have to go back and look, maybe around a 1.25 princess. Upgraded to a 3.67 RB.
  3. I did upgrade at 25 years. I had a .80 marquise that I never wore and I upgraded to 1.5 round beautiful color and stone and I love it!! However I have 4 kids also and 2 were in college and 2 more to go!! So I feel your pain! I am glad I did it because hopefully I have years to enjoy it!!
  4. Thanks for responses! I'm thinking that most people on this forum might not be married 25 years yet! Instead of an upgrade on diamond, maybe I'll get a Chanel bag - lol!
  5. I'm almost to 20 yrs :biggrin:
  6. My original was a 2.0 Princess cut and upgraded at 20 yrs. to a 4.65 Emerald Cut D color. Love, love it and my hubby!
  7. I upgraded from 1.1ct to 2.30ct for our 15th anni. I'd love to upgrade again for our 25th!
  8. The only way I could upgrade is if I sold my Rolexes. And I'm not about to do that. I'm happy to keep my e-rings and my watches. I regret selling a couple things in the past so I don't want to make that mistake again. My husband might consider an upgrade on ring but I think we'd rather put any extra money into a redo of our kitchen. We'll see......
  9. My original was a F Color 1.06 round in classic Tiffany style setting. Upgraded on 10th year to 1.5ish E Color round. Wasn't happy with the reset. Also, I've always wanted a Tiffany & Co wedding ring, so upgraded to a round soleste with pink diamonds on our 15th year . Though the centre stone is smaller at 1.25 E Color, I'm happy and in love with the brilliance and the delicate setting.

    In short, it's not about the upgrade in size only, it's the overall aesthetics of the ring , it's setting & in my case the desire for a dream Tiffany & Co ring.
  10. I had the diamond in my engagement ring reset for our 25th anniversary. Because the original ring was pretty blasted after 25 years of wear and the diamond was about to fall out. I'm a sentimentalist and never considered buying another diamond. In fact the new setting is similar to the ring DH picked out years ago--he had very good taste. Glad I had it done. The good folks here on TPF helped me make decisions about what to buy. Whenever I look at it I think of DH and all the good times we've shared.
  11. I upgraded my setting but kept my original stone for our 10 year anniversary. I too am very sentimental with my stone. I redid my wedding band as well using all the original stones from the old settings.I don't think I will ever upgrade my Centerstone. It's a decent size at 1.4 karat
  12. I am married 25 years, I upgraded from a 1 ct pear to a 2.30 Cushion Cut Diamond and had the setting made to accommodate this cushion. No regrets and I am glad I did it!
  13. Not 25 years but lucky 7 years. Went from a 1ct, G, SI1 Princess cut to a 2.5ct, E, SI1 princess cut... I think I should have gone for an oval or RB
  14. I agree. Having a ring you absolutely love and that reflects your tastes makes it a special piece. Yours sounds beautiful! I'd love to see a picture of it. We have been married 32 years. I did an upgrade of the setting at 10 years, but I'd love to do something completely different sometime soon.

  15. Wow 32 years of marriage [emoji122]🏻 You totally deserve a significant change [emoji2]

    Here's my 15th year upgrade . Thanks for letting me share. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464353197.897484.jpg
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