Anyone up for some "Holiday" shopping at SF "H"?!

  1. Was wondering if anyone was interested in a lunch/brunch trip to "H" in SF to get a little Holiday time for us gals?

    We could go after Thanksgiving OR sometime in early December? Let me know if you're interested! I think it could be fun!
  2. So...that would be a "no"?
  3. Hi, Im new and missed the last get together so I would love to. I have been having a great time looking at all the pics of the bags in action and would be thrilled to meet the real people. I was in that new Barneys for the first time last week, too.... Definitely worth a look. About the only time that doesn't work for me is the weekend of 12.15.
  4. Hey, A-T-G! I'm actually going to be in San Francisco this weekend -- Saturday 11/24 for some Union Square shopping with my sister. (90% chance) I want to go to H SF for the first time and would love some company since I seem to be a little nervous going in. If you're up for it, PM me and we can see if we can meet up sometime!
  5. Hey! I totally missed this thread! :push: But I'm up for some shopping!
  6. ATG! Did this already happen? Did you go to the sale last month (or when was it)? Let me know how things went.....I'm a Bay Area local Hermes fanatic (loved that New York Times article) but buy out of town. Would love to hear about your experiences here.
  7. I'll be there sat! 12/08
  8. well if anyone sees this between now and tomorrow, pm me and I should get the message. I can introduce you all to the new SA!
  9. Sorry! I've been fighting a cold! Haven't even STARTED my Holiday shopping ACK!

    I've got a show next Saturday can anyone play during a weekday?
  10. ^^wish I could but I don't live in the area. I would love to go during a weekday when it isn't so darn crowded! Sat was crazy...