Anyone up for some CANDY??

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  1. Well I just got my first CL pumps and they are the Candy Pumps 85 from MyTheresa....:yahoo: I'm soooooo inlove with them!

    I am a size 7 or 37 in non CL...I got these in a 38 and they are just a cinch big but perfect with insoles.

    2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  2. mona, they're so fierce and they look fabulous on you!! Congratulations on an amazing pair!
  3. mona they are gorgeous! congrats!
  4. Another stud lover! They look great on you!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats!
  6. They are fierce! And sweet at the same time... congrats on your first; they look great on you!
  7. Mona they look amazing on you! Congrats on pair #1!
    I'm sure that this will not be your last.
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. I really love them, they look sweet . Congrats OP!!
  10. The candy pumps are fabulous and look amazing on you. Big congrats on your first CLs and enjoy.
  11. Thanks everyone for being so welcoming on the CL side....I have sooo much to learn!

    The Candy pumps are sooo comfy and cool at the same time...a perfect start to my collection!
  12. CONGRATS! They look awesome on you Mona, from one candygirl to another:ghi5:
  13. Gorgeous, I've always loved those. Enjoy! :amuse:
  14. I love these-they are adorable and fierce at the same time.
  15. They'r fabulous mona, congrats-enjoy!:drinks: