Anyone up for midnight reveal?

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  1. It's taken me a day to figure out how to post this! I was surprised to get my package yesterday and started ripping out the packing paper. But I slowed down, got my camera, and decided to share with my tPF friends. This is my first reveal, so here we go.....


  2. more pictures please.... :biggrin:
  3. I am here.. :whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:
  4. I'm here for a few more minutes!

  5. Well it's quarter after 1 here but I'm sipping some tea so I'll stick around for another few minutes.
  6. Well, as long as I have an audience, I'm happy to show a little more. She's an Ebay purchase, so not a brand new style. But she's tres chic anyway :yes:

  7. It makes it so much harder when it's not brand new! Now the possibilities are endless!
  8. Who Who Whoooo is is?

  9. Take it all off!
  10. I'm like an impatient kid at Christmas. Don't like to wait. So here she is in all her glory!

  11. Ooooh, aaaahhh! She's a beauty. I'm impatient too and am terrible with reveals. Congrats--she really is gorgeous.
  12. She's is definitely a beauty. And you got her from the bay? Good deal?
  13. Thank you! I'm doing a happy dance that I got to show her off. Now I can't wait to take her out for spin in the real world!!!! I have to say a special thank you to Starrymaz for her help in authenticating....thank you so much! :dothewave:
  14. I paid $225 and that included shipping, so I'm happy with the price!
  15. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Leigh!!!!! Big congrats!!!!