Anyone up for an official/unofficial tpf Girl's Night out in Manhattan?

  1. Baby's Mama (i.e. me) desperately needs a girl's night out in the city with some like minded ladies. Any like minded ladies out there looking for a night out on the town? I am partial to Thursdays and Fridays. All tri-staters and visiting out of towners welcome!

    Anyone want to throw out some dates and/or preferred hot spots (preferably with good food)?
  2. How fun!
  3. im in!!!!
    what do you have in mind???!!! :graucho:
    Thursdays are good for me!!!
  4. :tup: sounds like fun!
    I have no clue on what to eat though... :sad:
  5. I haven't figured out a place yet but am open to suggestions. I'm looking for a place that's the perfect combo of ambiance/food/drinks, where the cute waiters let you sit in piece all night.

    Where is HG when we need her?
  6. Hey Olive, I'd love to join you, although my schedule is a little insane until I get back from Tokyo on 8/5. Here are a couple of ideas off the top of my head...

    Blue Ribbon Bakery
    Spotted Pig
    Spice Market
    DavidBurke + Donatella
  7. I had a great, low-key (super casual) dinner at Barbuto on Sat., it is near the meat-packing district...
    Wish I could join you guys!
  8. i have an idea, let's go to all of these spots! Instead of a pub crawl let's do a foodie crawl;)

    Hmmm...I've been meaning to try Spice Market for a while. Is that place group friendly/not breathing down your neck type of spot?

    Let me pick an arbitrary day of 8/9/07? how does that work?
  9. The fervor for Spice Market may have died down in the past year; when I went there a while ago, it was hard to get in. It is however, very close to Pastis, Vento, Barbuto, among other places. The Gansevoort is right there too. And there is a shoe sale at Jeffrey right now. Unfortunately not close to Wall St. Hermes...
    But you probably know all this already!! :smile:
  10. That's so funny -- after I posted last night, I was talking to a friend and asked her for any suggestions and she said Barbuto!
  11. Hey, I'm easy...and always up for something new. Let's say Barbuto for the same day 8/9/07 and then abby can't refuse;)
  12. I am down to go!!!!
    Whats Barbuto?? let me citysearch it!!
    BTW in the meat packing district
    spice market has gone bad!
    and vento is blah!!!
    the only place i really love is pastis!!
  13. Hey, I just plant the seeds..if the consensus is Barbuto, great. if the consensus is Pastis, hey that's great too as you can't go wrong with that spot.

    Does 8/9 sound appealing?
  14. ^yep!
  15. is that OK?