Anyone up for a small but "intense" reveal ;)

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  1. Hello everyone! Picked up a little something today at H :smile:
  2. I have been wanting to get a leather cuff for a while and have tried on the CDC and Kelly dog (both of which are gorgeous, but for some reason not for me - I will continue to admire them trough all of your beautiful pics :smile: )

    Then...after much searching, i found the perfect leather cuff for me .
  3. May I present to new intense cuff in bleu paon

  4. And stacked on the other arm with RG love and RG JUC


    I cannot get over this gorgeous color! It's impossible to capture the beautiful green in pics for some reason ... Thanks for letting me share
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  5. Love it!!!! Looks fab in BP with GHW!!! Congrats!
  6. Thanks so much! . I love how the GHW makes BP pop! I got so lucky that my boutique had just gotten this one....
  7. Oooohhh. I love that design. Is there any hardware on the other side?
  8. So glad you like it! I thought it was just the perfect amount of HW! None of the other side. Here are some more pics for reference :smile:

  9. Nice !!
  10. Thank you so much for sharing! So perfect!
  11. It looks gorgeous on you!:heart:
  12. Thanks chkpfbeliever!

    Anytime! Thanks for letting me share :smile:

    Thanks so much hclubfan
  13. Looks fab! Is the body of the bracelet swift leather?
  14. Thanks so much dear! Yep. Body is swift and the buckle portion is Epsom :smile:
  15. This looks so beautiful on you! Admired them online but rarely see them worn. Congratulations! This color looks stunning with GHW! Really wanting one myself now.