Anyone up for a Rouille Club??

  1. Hey guys! I wanted to start this thread (inspired by the Ink Club) - to give those of us who actually like the Rouille - and maybe even a few people who have been converted over to liking it - :smile: - a chance to chime in and sing the color's praises.

    I'm thinking it's a dark horse (just like Apple Green) - I remember everyone thinking that one was too bright and neon and now, look at its popularity.

    I loved the rust color from the first time I saw it, but I know not everyone felt that way. It's not for the color shy, but I get more compliments on this color than almost any other - it also goes with more than you'd think it would.

    So those of you who own one or are maybe just thinking about getting one, please jump in with your thoughts!
  2. I'm almost afraid to cause a run on rouille bags!!
  3. :yes: Would love to see pictures
  4. I love this bag. I'm sitting on my hands so I don't buy one right now. Someone please post photo's to hold me over!
  5. I only have one of mine in a group shot, so it really doesn't show it off that well - LOL - probably should have thought of that before I started this!
  6. The color looks orange. Does it look like the 04 orange and how's the leather on it?
  7. Hey style101! Your collection is TDF! Is there any way you can post a pic. of all your Bbags, Im in the mood to pass out:biggrin: :lol:
  8. It's different from the 2004 Pumpkin - much more of a burnt orange with red undertones.

    The leather is the problem. As with the other new ones though, it varies greatly from bag to bag - you can find some with decent leather if you search hard enough.
  9. Would you like to know what's sick? I previously posted pics of my Twiggys, since they were taken to show comparisons of colors where I could - everyone was always asking about the subtle variations between some of them.

    What's sick is that there are more..... I also have some hobos and cities (and a lonely first :blink:smile:, but I've never taken pictures of them all. I probably should at some point, but I actually don't like to see all of them lined up together - it makes me feel slightly insane. :rolleyes:
  10. Oh I am in! I adore my Twiggy Rouille, it's just beautiful. It has darkened a *little* in the last two weeks. I really want it to darken. It was one of the bags they had in Saks when I went shopping and I bought the Cornflower Twiggy, then went back for the Rouille the next day. I really couldn't get it out of my mind!

    Style101, I can only aspire to your wonderful collection!! I love how you have committed to Twiggies, they are wonderful!

    I do get a lot of compliments on it, and it does go with many colours!

    Here is a repost of all the pics in my other thread

    Here are the pics of the starlet when I got her, in a few weeks I will take more pics and compare them.

    Photo 01, Natural light in my living room.
    Photo 02 (unstructured) and 03 (stuffed with paper), with flash, in my living room.
    Photo 04 outside on my car, in indirect sunlight.
    Photo 05 and 06 outside in direct sunlight.
    Photo 07 and 08 in office flourescent light, with natural light over my shoulder, definitely a different colour.

    I wish you well,

    Balenciaga Rouille 01.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 02.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 03.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 04.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 05.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 06.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 07.jpg Balenciaga Rouille 08.jpg
  11. I love the rouille! That's the color I have my eye on....if I were to purchase a b-bag, that is. I don't have any (yet).
  12. Bridget and Redney - great pics - thanks for posting them. I knew someone would have gorgeous ones handy of the color.

    Mine hasn't darkened at all, but maybe that's because I don't wear it constantly. Too many bags - not enough arms.:blink:
  13. ....
    And when I thought your collection is TDF already... Please, please do take pics, maybe half of them at a time? :shame:
  14. Okay can I join as an honorary member? I'm just dying for a rouille!! :cry: If only it could be raining rouille b bags right now..... :rolleyes::lol: