Anyone up for a reveal?

  1. Just got back from our vacation. TPF regulars might recall me asking a whole lot about the nano but unfortunately, I couldn't find one in the color and combination that I want. Good thing too because I ended up with this! Now.. Who's up for a reveal? :smile:
  2. Yeay!
  3. here! show it plz!
  4. meee
  5. Hi weekender2, emmaemmamamama and unoma! So glad you guys can join me on the reveal! Here's a little teaser :smile:
  6. more pleaseeee!!!! haha
  7. Is that black or dark green? :graucho::graucho:
  8. Is that a green mini!??
  9. Can't wait for seeing her! wow!
  10. hereeeeee please
  11. Yes! It's a dark green mini! But that's not all... Here's another teaser picture before the full reveal :smile:
  12. oh my god.
    show please
  13. what is it? :nuts:
  14. Pls.... Can't wait
  15. Exotic!
    Take it off!