Anyone up for a reveal this morning??

  1. Is anyone up for a reveal this morning? I was stalking the website a few days ago and was SHOCKED when I saw this item on my wish list saying place in cart.
    IMG_7614.jpg IMG_7616.jpg
  2. Yes !!!
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  3. here's a hint! IMG_7617.jpg
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  4. Here!
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  5. Backpack?
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  6. I may have to go into a meeting soon and dont want to drag this out haha, yes, heartmy..'s its a backpack! palm springs pm in reverse monogram.
    IMG_7620.JPG IMG_7624.JPG
    IMG_7620 (1).JPG
  7. Awesome, congrats!
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  8. i have the palm springs reverse monogram mini and monogram mm palm springs so i am feeling a tad bit guilty about this one lol.
  9. Ahhh lovely! Congrats!!!!!
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  10. That's great, congratulations!
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  11. Luv it!
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  12. Congrats!!
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  13. Thanks! Of course I love it! haha
  14. Don't worry, the guilt passes after a few days, haha ;)
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  15. It definitely does. :oh::huh::noworry:
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