Anyone up for a reveal? I took pics while I unboxed it from the FedEx package!


Feb 3, 2013
North America
LOVE HER!! Congrats dear! I became a member of the 35 club today too! Enjoy!
Thanks! What canvas or leather did you get? I had about a 5 minute period where I liked her but wasn't sure if I loved her, then I looked at myself in the mirror with her in the crook of my arm and was in LOVE! (with her, not me, LOL!) I will leave her out to patina for late spring/summer. I hear that if you wear speedys right away the oils and dirt from hands is more likely to make that icky dark brown color on the handles. Now that my collection of having all 3 canvases is complete I'm jonesing for a vernis zippy. UGH! I'm an addict.