Anyone up for a mini reveal?

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  1. I just bought a little Gucci treat from the Budapest boutique whilst on holiday this week. Any guesses?

  2. I'm horrible at guessing but can't wait to see what you got! :yahoo:
  3. It looks like a smaller shopping bag so maybe a wallet? Or another kind of accessory?
  4. Yes, it's a small leather good! :smile:

    Got a beautiful card case in beige American Alligator!

    V thrilled with it, as it's my first exotic piece, and I fell in love with the colour...

  5. :woohoo: :ps:
  6. Simply stunning. :heart:
  7. It's gorgeous!
  8. Love it - it's such a classic! Also congrats on your first exotic piece!

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  9. Thanks all. I just realized that it didn't come with a dustbag, so am planning to visit the boutique sometime next week to ask for one to keep it in especially if am using dark colored bags