Anyone up for a meeting at Beverly Hills on Mar 3rd or Mar 17th?

  1. I've already PM-ed two lovely tpf-ers about March 3rd, but I figure the more the merrier. I'm up for Mar 3rd and or 17th to meet up at Beverly Hills H. I'm not planning on buying anything but I do plan on doing a lot of Hermes bag watching (spotted 18 wildlife sightings last time).

    Anyone up for this? *gonna post this thread before my paranoia sets in and I change my mind*
  2. Would this be at Hermes or a meal offsite?
  3. DH and i will be back in LA that same weekend (17th) for a wedding.
  4. gazoo, I hadn't decided whether to go to Hermes or not yet. I'm planning on dropping in on Hermes on one of the March weekends though.

    PBC, you're going to be in the area that weekend? It'll be awesome if we can meet up for some tea or something!

    Amkur and Pr1nc355, can you guys make it? If not, we should meet up Sunday afternoon for another round of steamed pork buns at Ding Tai Fung.
  5. Sorry...I meant to get back to you, but with my work situation and all, I didn't:shame: 3/3 is my younger sis's b-day, so that's out for me. I think the 17th should be OK, though. I'll let you know for sure on that.
  6. Just a reminder: Hermes BH is closed on Sundays, so if we plan to meet on the 18th, we won't get to bag-shop that day.
  7. Bump for you all
  8. I won't be able to make it on 3/3 as I will be out of town to attend my cousin's funeral. I will have to get back to you about the 17th.
  9. If it was the 21st I would be there! (but trust me...I'll be visiting the store to clean up the remnants you leave behind....) :wlae: hNe
  10. Oh no ... I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin ... >_
  11. Would you be available only on the 21st? If you can go on the 20th, I can meet with you 'cuz I get out of work early on Tuesdays.
  12. I'd love to meet! I'm fairly new but figure it'd be great to meet you all!:smile:
  13. DH and i tried eating here for lunch once but gave up bc the wait was 1 hour long!!!!! we heard it's GOOD!!!
  14. Aw....I'll be there after Mar 23 =(

    But Ding Tai Fung is like 2 minutes away from me. Everyone loves it, I think I'm the only one who thinks it's okay :shrugs:
  15. I am ok to meet on 3/3...

    I'll be in Vegas weekend of no good...

    Let me know would be fun to meet...