anyone up for a live exotic reveal? (+collection pics)

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  1. i got something in the mail today... it's an exotic (my first!):
    i'll give you a hint:
  2. Python python!!!!
  3. yehhh im in
  4. OMG I'm actually here for one! Bring it on!
  5. :yahoo::dothewave:
  6. :popcorn:
  7. ::zooms around:: reveal yourself shoes!!!
  8. Cosmo python?
  9. Woohoo! My first live reveal!
  10. hmmm what is it...
  11. Red/Burgundy Python Declics??
  12. Burgundy python declics! :woohoo:
  13. ding ding!! i love them :smile: i've been wanting to try a pair of declics since my decolzeps are so comfy. they seem pretty comfy already!
  14. :faint:
  15. Gorgeous! They look like they fit you perfectly. Congrats on a beautiful pair.