anyone up for a lanvin reveal?

  1. Adore!!!!
  2. On my wishlist but are sooo high! I love them. Mod pics??:graucho:
  3. Sorry it's taken me so long, they're really versatile so I'll post more pics soon! Here's a casual Monday work look.
  4. Love!!!
  5. (=
  6. looking great! Love the whole outfit, so chic and summery;)
  7. OMG, love! So chic and you style them well! If you don't mind me asking - can you tell us who made the white dress? (Or is it from seasons ago?)
  8. The dress is by Wilfred (=
  9. Thanks! I've seen these shoes before but didn't really think much of them but they totally looked amazing in your posts --your pics changed my mind!
  10. Love them!!
  11. Beautiful!!! COngrats!
  12. You look so cute! I love how well your blue dress goes with your red hair!
  13. thank you everyone!