Anyone up for a custom order Manolo reveal?

  1. Just got them.
  2. im here!
  3. Well, here we go!

    About a year ago we saw a used pair of these lovely lizard or snakeskin shoes in our fave vintage store in Brooklyn.

    Unfortunately they were too small.

    She was very disappointed. They looked like they would match so well with so many things. Little black dresses, white outfits, maybe even deep colors like red, purples, etc.

    Then I found out that possibly they could be ordered. It took a while. But here they are, straight from the factory.

    She doesn’t know that I did this. And tonite we have dinner reservations. Should be fun.
    manolo-10.jpg manolo-11.jpg manolo-12.jpg manolo-13.jpg manolo-14.jpg
  4. I guess you already know what the bottom is, but anyway...
  5. Wow, they are lovely!!!!
  6. These are lovely - so classic! :smile:
  7. A Beauty! Enjoy wearing them.
  8. How Sweet!!!!! I just relayed the story to my DH and he thought so too!!! :biggrin: Will you present them before dinner so she can wear them tonight?

    They are gorgeous...
  9. beautiful!

    There should be more hubbies like you in this world :urock:
  10. Unfortunately she was late, so we met at the restaurant! So an after-desert treat! lol
  11. What an amazing gift! They are beautiful!