Anyone understand spanish?

  1. Anyone understand Spanish??can someone pls translate "
    A la grandisima mierda
    " for me??

    I am so curious of this term.. :P

    Thank youu..
  2. I speak spanish...

    Grandisima means grand or big

    Mierda means sh*t

    Different countries have different translations or the spanish is spoken different but to me I think it means "Holy Sh*t!" but then again where ever they say this it could be more offensive.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I pasted it into a Spanish / English translator and this is what came up:

    To the grandisima crap
  4. I speak spanish and NYCBelle hit the nail on the head.:flowers:
  5. To the biggest/grandest crap. I'd imagine that in context it's mandando someone/something to the biggest crap, if that makes sense, which is basically telling someone/something to go to hell(obviously in different words).
  6. A la grandisima mierda......sounds very spaniard, and very graphic, to the largest conceivable crap (sh..)., it has to be said with a lot of feeling to be effective.
  7. see we all have different translations :yes:
  8. Not really many diff ways to translate it... mierda is sh*t. Grandisima is the grandest/biggest/largest (female ending)... it translates roughly :

    "To the grandesnt/biggest sh*t"
  9. haha..thanks all! I thought it was a good word :huh: I got good friend who speaks Spanish that's why..I think it's a cool language!

    thanks all.. :smile: