Anyone trying to GAIN weight??

  1. I've been seeing a few threads about losing weight...

    Is anyone here trying to gain weight? I'm skinny (it's definitely genetic) and would love to gain several lbs but so far it's been impossible for me! My doctor has even run out of ideas!:tdown:

    Right now I'm weighing in at 105lbs at 5'4" and I'm on a mission to gain 10lbs by the end of the summer.
  2. I know people that are naturally skinny and have been like that until they have had kids also
    i hear people do grow out of it?
    Good luck :smile:
  3. I wish!! lol

    If you try and build some muscle mass then that might help. Lift some weights maybe....

    Other than that you could just pig out on absolutely everything you can get your hands on but that wouldn't be healthy (no matter how skinny you are).
  4. I have in the past but not currently . When i was trying to gain I ate little and often as I found it hard to eat loads in one go. I tried to eat healthly too, keeping on an eye on my fat intake as its easy to overload on cakes and chooclate etc.
    If your naturally that weight it might be difficult to gain. However,as you get older you may find you put on a bit of weight as your metabolism slows.
  5. Well, I'm trying, but it's hard because my metabolism is too fast. I hate lifting weights, and I've tried pigging out on unhealthy foods but I can't usually eat a lot of junk because my stomach's not use to it.

    I'm 5'4", 95lb and I would even settle for gaining 5lb or something.
  6. I think the only way to do it is eat a lot. =O
  7. Shakes and Oreo cookies, absolutely!
  8. I was able to gain weight by drinking 3 Boost Plus a day in addition to eating lots of potatoes (With sour cream, cheese, butter) bread, meat.

    Edited to say that I always tried to eat lots of fast food to gain weight. For some reason it didnt work for me. Once I started eating hearty homemade meals w/the Boost drinks I started gaining.
  9. honestly, it's not hard. just eat over you caloric intake you're currently consuming now. so weight training would help too.
  10. i do anything to lose pounds
  11. I eat a lot..I really do. Ive kept a journal for my doctor and my calorie and fat intake is way above what I need. I've been on an anti depressant medication (only for weight gain reasons) to help slow down my metalbolism and increase my appetite since March. Normally people taking this medicine gain at least 10-20 lbs within the first couple months but for some reason it hasnt done anything for me! Ugh!! I do work out and do weights 2x a week. Weight gain shakes, etc haven't worked and was advised not to take them. I'm not giving up yet! I was just wondering if anyone has had similar problems..

  12. Thanks for the tip! Maybe I'll eat more loaded baked potatoes starting this week!
  13. Boost is the same thing as Ensure. Boost plus is just higher in calories.
  14. Gotcha, I've seen Boost at the store before. I tried ensure for a while but couldnt stand how full I felt after drinking more than one. How much weight were you able to gain?
  15. Not exactly, overall I want my netweight to increase, but in muscle mass, so I'm trying to loose a couple in fat and gain more in lean muscle. My point is to do it healthy, don't over indulge in fast foods or other junk, eat hearty, add protein, and boost. Weight training should be your best friend!