Anyone try rubbing alcohol to remove pen from suede?

  1. the bag i bought has a small pen mark on the inside, the suede.
    i heard rubbing alch works. anyone ever try this? certainly dont want to make things worse!
  2. i have heard that if you put hairspray on a q-tip and use that, it can lift stains. i have not tried it though so i cant say from personal experience...

    whatever you try, make sure you dont saturate the area. test a small place first :yes:
  3. i'd be hesitant to put any kind of liquid especially a harsh one like alcohol on suede. have you tried a suede brush? i've gotten out some pretty heavy duty dirt and makeup stains with one.
  4. Pm 'Luna' here on the boards...i bet she can give you some advice :yes:
  5. I would definitely try a suede brush first before using alcohol. I've heard alcohol can lift color. Hairspray contains alcohol as well, so be careful - definitely test an area first.

    Pen marks tend to be permanent if not removed right away. It gets absorbed into the suede or leather and can't be cleaned.

    For older marks, I've considered using sandpaper before. I never personally tried it, but I think if the area was very lightly rubbed with sandpaper it could possibly physically remove the pen mark instead of cleaning it. I think I remember reading it somewhere on the internet. If you decide to try it, don't over do it! You don't want to end up with a bald spot.

    Speaking of sandpaper, I've used it on paint on clothes and it removed it...
  6. ^^Yes, I've heard about nail files working, too. A looong time ago someone on the Coach forum cleaned up an old, dirty suede bag with a nail file and it looked pretty good afterwards. Unfortunately search is still disabled on the forum so I can't find the thread. :sad:
    I would also be hesitant about rubbing alcohol on suede. The only things I've sucessfully used alcohol to get stains off of were slick surfaces, but never anything fuzzy like suede. Once I tried to get ballpoint pen off a Coach signature bag but was unsuccessful.
    Anyways, hope this helps, and let us know if anything works for you!
  7. this has got me thinking...maybe try an eraser from a might work...or a MR. CLEan magic eraser WORKS WONDERS!
  8. ^ I've heard pencil erasers have worked on suede too. Not sure how well it will work on pen, but it's worth a try! I tried Mr Clean on colored leather before... it lifted some color off but managed to take the permanent marker ink off as well. I'd be careful using this on colored suede.