Anyone try MAC Fragrances?

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  1. I was looking around on MAC's website tonight, and saw that they have a couple different fragrance collections (the MV's and the Hue's). Anyone here tried them?

    I'm thinking about ordering the Hue: Emeraldaire, because it's being discontinued and on clearance for $22 dollars, and it's got tuberose and ylang ylang in it. Yum! :love:

    If anyone's smelled ANY of the Mac fragrances, let me know how they were. It's weird, but I haven't seen them at any of the Mac shops I've been to.
  2. Their fragrances never appealed to me
  3. I would try them out before you buy them. They are a little non-traditional, and some of the fragrances you either love or hate, even if it has traditional ingredients in them. But, for just $22, it can't hurt to buy first in this case I guess! Please let us know what you think if you buy it.
  4. I took a sniff of all of them and none appealed to me.
  5. I have the vanilla one, i think its called MV2 or sth..Does nothing for me at all, the smell. It was a gift and has been left in the box since. Lols.
  6. I use Hue: Turquatic when I'm not using Chanel Chance. I really like Turquatic. It's a very clean scent that's not overpowering. It's the only one I really like. You should definately go to a MAC store or a MAC counter at Macy's to try them before you buy them. I think they're all $22.50 anyway. At least the one I buy is $22.50.
  7. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the turquatic one tooooooooooo . it smells so good