Anyone try It's a 10 Hair Product?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    The other day my stylist suggested a product that she absolutely loves called "It's a 10". It's supposed to keep your hair shiny and soft. The reviews seemed fantastic!

    Just wondering if any here has any experience trying? It comes in a little blue bottle and it's a leave in treatment.
  2. My stylist loves that product, too -- I tried it once at the salon and TBH it's good, but I prefer MorroccanOil styling cream, which is a similar product. It also smells better. :smile:
  3. there's a big thread about it:yes:
  4. Thanks Swanky. I tried doing a search before posting and nothing was coming thru. But, I"ll try again....
  5. Thanks Lo!
  6. i was also trying to look for this thread a while back when i was trying to decide whether or i wanted to buy it - i ended up buying it regardless :-P. anybody care to post a link or bump up that old thread? thanx
  7. I love this product!!
  8. ^Yeah HUGE thread lol...I bought this stuff after reading all the rave reviews here......I'm STILL buying it...I've tried other things too and I keep coming back to it.....PHENOM stuff!
  9. same here. love it!
  10. I use it every day, love it!!!!!
  11. I love it also, and bought it after reading the original thread here. For some reason, I don't think the product name is in the thread title. Anyway...great stuff!!!
  12. I just bought it, and am excited to read more about it, but can't find the other thread through the search either. Can anyone post the link if they have it? Thanks!!
  13. I love it as well. :heart:
  14. I use it once a week and my hair is excessive and really course. I put it on at night (heavily) and leave it in until morning. Then rinse & style! It's amazing. Just called my stylist to get me another container in time for my next appointment!