Anyone try IPL or Fraxel Laser treaments?

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  1. Has anyone tried these treatments or know of anyone??? I have some sun damage spots and some minor scars from acne from teenie yrs. I'm weary of a chemical peel, and less with laser treatments.
  2. I have done lactic peels at a medi-spa and they worked wonders on acne scarring from years ago. I did see improvement in sun damaged areas as well. I did a series of 12--going every two weeks. I followed the at-home regimen and neither the scarring or sun damage has come back. I did the peels in 2005. HTH!
  3. Wow. i'll have to google that! thanks. Fraxel promises no down time, which is appealing.
  4. honestly- think fraxel goes 50/50. some people swear by it and others want their money back. Which is totally fine, if you dont see results you shouldnt have to pay.

    Find a doc that has an external cooling agent along with the laser if you get it. Its true theres no down time, but thats the thing about non invasive aesthetics, its not quite a dramatic result that chem peels might afford you.

    I personally vote no. check out they have some fraxel information, and I use their laser but I never got this hand piece cause I'm not 110% sold on the technology.
  5. ITA with Southamptonkity...I know numerous people who are 50/50 on Fraxel. I have been on the fence about it for some freckles/sun spots I have but it is $1000 per treatment and you have to do at least 4 for optimal results!! Plus I am only 28, so I should probably wait until I need it more than just for a few spots ;)
  6. I use to work in a medical spa and this is what I've learned. IPL machines are best at targeting hyper-pigmentation due to sun spots and it also targets vascular (broken cappillaries). I have seen great results. It only gets rid of what sun spot you have at the moment but if you dont take care of your skin afterwards, the problem will continue to surface. You should be using a SPF of at least 30. Also, it does not work on hyperpigmentation due to hormones ( pregnancy r melasma) With the IPL treatments, your sun spots will get darker before it fades so don't be alarmed if you go home with dark spots on your face, it only last a few days. I don't know how the pricing in the USA is but in Canada, IPL goes from $500 per treatment and you need at lease 5-7 treatments to get the best results. Acne scars are best treated by glycolic or lactic peels.
  7. Thanks everyone!!! Hmm.. my aesthetician recommended IPL to boost elasticity in my skin. I *think* she was trying to convey elasticity, speaking to me in Korean. Fraxel website was so convincing, but now I'll have to reconsider after reading the mixed reviews!
  8. I am on my fourth session of Fraxel for acne scars & it is great. I do have to tell you though that if you get your full face down there is indeed "down time" your face gets very fuffy. I actually alternate so I only get my full face done every 2nd session but I found that it has not only helped with my scars but with the general appearance & texture of my skin. You also cannot go in the sun at all when doing Fraxel treatments & have to wait a few weeks in between sessions so if you are doing 5 sessions, the entire process can take at least 6 months.
  9. wow. I'm so glad that it's working wonders for you:woohoo:!! I guess late fall to winter would be the best time to start the treatments.. since sun exposure is a no no. I'm still on the fence, but glad to hear you are getting good results!!
  10. I had my 1st IPL/Photofacial done last week. It was somewhat painful at the time but worth it. Later that evening my face peeled a bit. I had a few red lines on my nose that are completely gone which I'm loving!!!! I'm fairly light skined w/ light freckles and those pretty much faded. I will probably get another treatment on my face/neck in another month.

    I also did a laser skin tightening on my stomach. I figure with ab crunches and this treatment something should tighten it up sooner/later. I really didn't see an immediate difference in the appearance of skin on my stomach & they told me I wouldn't for a few months & several treatments. Not sure if I will get anymore of these treatments?

    All in all I'm pleased.
  11. I had a course of 6 IPL sessions a year ago and it was about $600 from what I remember. Unfortunately it was not effective for me because I was hoping to reduce pore size.