Anyone try Derma Wand?

  1. I read others forum, and it's really work for lifting, pores and acne. Any TPFer have experience about Derma Wand.
  2. I'm curious about this as well...
  3. Hi guys...hoping to get some insight on the Derma Wand too. I was given one a couple of years ago, but never really got to use it more than once (got usual *blush*).

    I'm also starting on my second wave of the Obagi Nu-Derm, so I'm kindda just curious after unearthing the Derma Wand kit if it'll work with or not.
  4. I've never heard of the Derma Wand - what is it?
  5. I just bought one from The Costco website. They say it takes at least 28 days, a full skin renewal cycle, to see results. I will try to use it as recommended and write back