Anyone try Benefit's eye bright pencil?

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  1. I've been using YSL's touche eclat for under eye circles for a while now, but I've been curious about Benefit's eye bright pencil. I'd like to find something cheaper than the touche eclat and have been thinking about Benefit's eye bright pencil. Pros and cons?
  2. Is the YSL touche eclat a concealer? I use a concealer and I use the eyebright pencil as well. I put a dot at the inner corners of my eyes by my nose, at my eyebrow arch (just below) and on the outer corner of my eyes. Sometimes I put it on my circles. I wouldn't recommend it as just a concealer.
  3. Yeah, the eyebright pencil is more of a bright/pale pink eye liner than a concealer. It's nice, worth a shot, but nothing extraordinary.
  4. I use it almost everyday. It's not really a concealer, but an eye "brightener". I use it like a liner/shadow when I don't want to wear any real serious makeup. It does wonders for making you look bright eyed and less tired.
  5. not really worth the cash- it opens up your eyes.. but it looks very gaudy i think. I would use a shimmery white/pink powder instead in the inside of your eye and it will havethe same effect
  6. I have serious dark circles and can't use "Touche eclat" YSL (not enough coverage), but I have the eye bright pencil , I was recommended to use it underneath my concealer and I must say I really like it. I find the other product totally useless (Ooh la lift_Benefit).
  7. I think I'll give it a try. I have a friend who has a medium/dark skin tone and she likes the pencil. She said she uses a combination of the pencil and bare minerals and it works well. The touche eclat is a highlighter and not a concealer, but it gives me enough coverage. I don't like heavy concealers under my eye because they tend to crease.