Anyone try Amish cooking?

  1. I bought a Amish cookbook and it has some great things in it. Especially the pies. There is a easy crust in the plate for a pie that you just mix the stuff and pat it in the pie plate with your fingers, no more rolling pie crust. I usually bake a lot of pies in the summer and love giving them to my friends.
  2. I have been to Lancaster PA many years ago, but I don't really remember the food.
  3. ^LOL... I grew up there. My mom has some close amish friends and has thanksgiving with them once in a while. Imagine a mid sixty Asian couple sitting amongst a whole Amish family. ROFL. She's picked up some wonderful cooking tips from them!! I love her new and improved mashed potatoes.
  4. Never tried to cook it myself, but we did have an Amish Market in Annapolis where we used to buy our pies and things...God, their things were so delicious!!! :drool:
  5. The beauty of Amish Cooking is the simplicity. If you are interested in Amish cookbooks I would highly recommend going to Good Books-