Anyone tried using Everyday Mineral Foundation?

  1. im planning to try the Everyday Mineral Foundation, has anyone tried this foundation? Is this the same as bare esentual foundation? tia :smile:
  2. I haven't tried the Bare Minerals brand so I can't compare, but I do wear the Everyday Minerals and love it. I mean, really love it. It's so cheap, too! It's practically the only thing in my beauty and skincare routine that is actually cheap. My rosacean acne prone skin hates everything and absolutely loves this stuff! It's the best.

    Careful with the "glow" formulas, though, if you have enlarged pores at all anywhere on your face. I have to wear the completely matte version, personally.

    It's definitely worth ordering their free sample kit if you're curious. Make sure you have a good foundation brush, though. I like my Chanel brush.
  3. thanks gloworm :smile: what is glow formula ?
  4. I have been using it and like it more than BE. They have a great deal with their samples--you only pay for shipping--and their samples are generous. I have tried all of the formulas, and the only one that I don't like is the matte--it was too matte. I like the intensive and glow formulas. Their eyeshadows are nice, too!
  5. Each foundation colour comes in three formulas: matte, semi-glow, and original glow. I just found that the glowy formulas settled into my pores more, but if you have really normal skin (mine is sort of combo) and don't have englarged pores at all, then this would not be a concern.
  6. Everyday Minerals is awesome! Best mineral foundation IMO (have tried Physicians Formul and BE).

    My skin is slightly oily and acne-prone, and I use the Intensive Formula since it gives a little more coverage.
  7. I just ordered a sample set last week and can't wait to try it!!
  8. hi, where do you guys order samples? and do you know if the same rule applies to canadian addresses??
  9. MeriCheri: You can order from For a sample kit, you get three foundations in any shade/formula, one finishing powder or concealer, and one blush. They only make you pay for shipping the samples.

    As far as I know, they ship worldwide.
  10. how much is domestic shipping?
  11. I placed and order too, can't wait to try it out. I hope it's better than BE and sheer cover because I don't like those at all.
  12. They ship from Texas, and I'm in NC, and it was only $3.37.
  13. i have dry skin and hated it. it made me look 10-15yrs older accentuated lines. horrid for me :sad:
  14. pinknyanko: Which formula did you use?