Anyone tried to register their Treesje bag?

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  1. Has anyone tried to register their Treesje bag for the 1yr warranty? I emailed the info they needed on the little card I found inside my Asher, but I never heard back from them. Is that normal or should I have gotten a response from them to confirm I've registered my warranty?
  2. I didn't know there's a year warranty and that you can register for it. I bought it from another website but I never got any card on it.
  3. ^Oooh! Did you get a Treesje from somewhere in Vancouver?
  4. My Asher never came with a card either. Was this a warranty from Treesje directly? Or from the company you bought it from?
  5. Your bags should have come with a card that looks like this (I'll attach a pic). I bought my bag from Bloomies and it came with the card. It took about 2 weeks to hear back w/ my warranty number after registering but you can always contact Nataly in their CS department and she will get back to you quickly.

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  6. ^^Thank you! I just sent them an email with all my information. I'll let everyone know what happens.
  7. Thanks! I just sent my info as well! Will let you know what happens.
  8. No I didn't. BUT you can buy Treesje bags at Moule on W4th and, get this, THE BAY. The Bay has a pretty good selection, and the prices are much better (the Treesje bag I looked at in Moule was almost $800CDN!!!)
  9. ^^ There's a Moule in Portland and I called them yesterday regarding Treesje bags. All of them were 60% off. I'm hoping to get to the store sometime this weekend and see what the selection is like. I'm dying for an Avalon!
  10. 60 percent off!! WOW! I wish we had something like this here that I knew of...
  11. I just got a email today telling me my bag's been registered. CS over treesje is so so so nice!
  12. I got my confirmation email as well :tup:
  13. :bump: For those who have registered their warranties with Treesje, is 2 weeks the norm for hearing back from them? I just (finally!) sent my email in to them to register my bags, but am still waiting to hear back. It hasn't been two weeks yet, though, so I'll definitely still be waiting. Just wanted to find out if the response time is typically 2 weeks!
  14. Starkfan - I can't remember the response time from Treesje but it did take at least a few days for them to get back to me. I didn't really expect a response so I didn't really monitor the length of time. I can't remember who responded now but she did provide an official verification.
  15. Hi All! I am so sorry we were a little back logged on registrations. Do not worry! We have a girl that is on it and you will receiving yours shortly. As long as you have sent in your reg. information, you are already in our system and we will be able to look you up if there are any problems.