Anyone tried this?

  1. The Emjoi Optimax is a revolutionary rechargeable hair removal system that has a unique epilation head with 30 dual opposed tweezers. It removes hair from the root so you'll be hair free for up to six weeks.

    Emjoi Optimax Dual Opposed Tweezer System:
    • 30 tweezers are mounted on dual opposed heads to remove hair quickly and effectively
    • Removes hair by the root for long-lasting results up to 4 to 6 weeks
    • When the hair grows back, it is finer and grows more slowly
    • Contoured design holds skin taut to minimize pulling and discomfort
    • Patented hair guides channel flat and short hair into the hair-removal discs
    • Can be used on the face (use one side of the epilation attachment), to remove hair from the upper lip and chin
    • Removes hair all over the body, including legs, bikini line and underarms
    • Cordless and rechargeable so you can use it with or without the cord
    • Portable so it is great for travel
    • Easy to clean
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  2. I have not, however I've been wondering the same thing Jinsun.

    This is a product I've seen specifically for tweezing from the Emjoi
    website for $19.95.Emjoi - Tweeze

    Please chime in ladies if you've tried this product. TIA
  3. I haven't tried it, but it sounds painful! I'm curious to hear about experiences with it too...
  4. isnt that an epilator? and it is quite painful..
  5. Sounds like epilady...which...although it worked BEAUTIFULLY (I think the spot I tested was hairless for 3 months) was INCREDIBLY painful.
  6. This one says it's absolutely painless - if that's true,I want one. Hope to hear from a user.
  7. Silk-epil is the best epilator out on the market. If you were picking between Emjoi and that, I would go with Silk-epil. I use this on my legs all the time now and absolutely love the effect. Gone are my razors, except for bikini areas and armpits. I could never get over the pain for those two areas with the epil.

    Key points:

    1. Never ever use the epilator near your period. Do it atleast a week before your period or a week after your period.

    2. Don't wait until your hair is really long to use it. It is much more painful then.

    Good luck! I always get comments on my smooth legs now. It's fantastic. I will never go back to a razor again.