Anyone tried the Special K diet?

  1. Special K® - Special K® Challenge

    Thinking about trying it. I just started to go to the gym again for cardio and want to lose 8 lbs.

    Did it work for anyone?
  2. apparently with the special k diet (and as with most crash diets) you are most liekly going to muscle and not fat.
  3. I think you could eat any cereal for 2 meals a day (same portions) and lose weight. Or basically, anything with the same amount of calories as the cereal 2 meals a day.
  4. a friend of mine did this. she did it for one month.. and she did lose alot of weight. she too however was going to the gym and stuff so that obvisouly helped but she said it was good. and special k has good stuff in it so its better alternative to say coco pops.

    im just starting it.. (september 1st- new month new diet) haha. so im going to see how it goes too..

    heard good things. lets see.
  5. Thanks everyone for your input! I will probably go try it out. They are having a sale on it right now for 2/$5 so might as well :yes:

    babyboo - please keep us posted :smile:
  6. I did it religiously for a month & lost 10 lbs...just for a vacation. BUT the second I started eating "normal" again, I gained it all back! And, I eat extremely healthy all the time anyway.
    The whole reason why it works is because you are lowering your daily calories, which is the way to lose waight anyway. (Along w/ exercise)
    I'm going on a cruise in October & will do it again just to get into a bathing suit!
  7. ^ ok so u would reccomend it?

    see my freind. her name s grace. didnt eat well tob eing with. she now is no longer on it. and hasnt been on it for ages. and she looks great. she eats really carefully nad i think hasnt had frnech fries on over a year. i think this will jump start it. but like anything it needs to be a life change.

    im starting today will let you know how i get on. and keep u posted on my feeling. ( I ALWAYS get the munchies) im hungry now and its only 1040 am. haha. but i lke special k it tastes great. and u can eat a big meal at lunch
  8. Just like Shannon, I did the diet the exact way it said to, and I lost 15 lbs, but gained it all back again (and them some!!) after those 15 lbs were gone.

    Exercise and healthful foods are always the best (and healthiest) way to go...
  9. The cereal just restricts you caloric intake (think of it as eating 1/2 Powerbar or something like that--controlled calories). Not good for eating a balanced diet... might be quick fix, but the weight will bounce back on (sometimes with a vengance-- what you lost, plus more!) if you are not careful!
  10. i tried it for a week but then i got bored, it gets kinda errrrh after a while. but my brother id always on this most of the time, its keepin him in shape very well.
  11. But I Do Only Eat Special K ! No Cocoa Puffs! :smile:
  12. Well, I just bought the cereal and will be starting tomorrow. Hopefully, I can reach my goal weight and start eating more healthier to keep it off!

    btw, I bought the Yogurt one and it taste pretty good. Cant wait to try the Berry :smile:
  13. If you get bored of the Special K, Shredded Wheat has a diet loss program going also. I actually like shredded wheat so that is my new breakfast until I hit my goal weight.
  14. Careful! The yogurt Special K is pure sugar! Definitely not beneficial to losing weight.
  15. ^ i was just going to say that. the berries one is great

    haha. i cant start posting my progress.. as i had dinner.. haha twice and ice cream!!! hahaha. oh well. starting again today. just had a bowlYUM