Anyone tried the bare minerals for your eyes?

  1. I just bought this kit at Costco and am excited to try it and am wanting some feedback about this, if anyone has tried it.
  2. I use the BE mineral eye shadows. I really like them.
  3. i have a ton of bare minerals eyeshadow just because i like how theyre packed(its so cute). but to be honest, theyre not my fave eyeshadow. they have really nice colors but since its mineral make up, it doesnt stay on very long. and you have to use a primer or some kind of base underneath so it doesnt crease.

    theyre really nice for everyday use though..
  4. I LOVE the eyeshadows!! I use eyeshadow primer anyway, so its stays on me really well. I also will damp my brush before I apply at night and it stays on forever.
  5. I only have one of their eye shadows. I think the color is "sex kitten", it's this AMAZING shade of shimmery dark brown. I love it. It also stays on very long (on top of MAC primer).
  6. The eyeshadows seem really pretty. I only tried the eyeliner. Unfortunately, it wouldn't stay on and would drift right through my eyelashes and onto my cheeks! It does not seem as sticky as the base powder, although this may be because I moisturize my face a lot but not my eyelids.
  7. I really like their eyeshadows! :yes:
  8. The Celestine Glimmer is amazing. I use it every day and I foil it at night.