Anyone tried Shu Uemura Fiber Xtension Mascara?

  1. Blurb from Sephora:

    Instant lash extensions. Shu Uemura's latest mascara was designed using a unique technology combining silky-smooth building fibers and long extending fibers - that instantly create uniform, volumized long lashes. The patented, triple stroke brush fits perfectly to lash line, delivering formula to each individual lash. With a single stroke, lashes are coated evenly, effortlessly, with a professional touch. Smudge proof, water-resistant, long-wearing.

  2. I hear it is supposed to be amazing.. and it is on my list of beauty products to buy :yes:
  3. ^^^
    I know, Megs! I've read rave reviews in magazines but haven't found any friends who've tried it. I'm going to pick it up today and will let you guys know. I was hoping for some reviews beforehand, though!
  4. I tried it in shu's boutique: wonderful!
  5. Can't wait to try
  6. Guys, I tried it and I was super disappointed. It didn't do a thing for my puny lashes. I was surprised to find that it's a relatively thin formual. When your lashes need a serious boost as mine do, a thick mascara is the only thing!

    I DID, however, score DiorShow Unlimited. It's the new version of Diorshow and it's freakin' amazing!!! I think I found my holy grail of mascaras. Worth the $23!
  7. How does it compare to the Diorshow mascara? I use Diorshow but am open to something new! What's the concept?
  8. Not sure what the "concept" is, except a more intense, better version of DiorShow. I've never tried DiorShow so I can't compare, but I love the DiorShow Unlimited.
  9. For me it was too watery and wet as well.. I liked the shu uemura Precise Volume mascara better for my thin eyelashes.. it doesn't uncurl my lashes and is not too heavy.. so you can apply several times depending on how much you want to wear! :heart:

  10. Well, I'll have to try it and then I'll clue you in!:yahoo:
  11. I've tried this and I also have sparse, puny Asian lashes. While it does lengthen quite well, it did absolutely nothing in terms of volume, it can't hold a curl and there is clumping. Not worth the money. Another mascara you might want to try (& also my current hg) is the Dejavu Mascara that Sephora has started carrying, although I use the Japanese version. This mascara seriously has no clumping what-so-ever (even with multiple coats), it does not flake at all, and comes off with warm water. It holds curls relatively well although it is only ok in terms of volumizing. It is a great mascara if you're looking for length over volume.
  12. I actually LOVE it! I have long lashes to start though.....I've been using Dior Show for sometime and I actually can't tell you if I like one more than the other as they are a bit different and I still like my dior show. I think I like the formula of the Shu Uemura better though as it is much less likely to flake or run on me because I tend to be oily (and I thought Dior Show was good for this) and I think it's lighter weight with similar looking results. I've also recently started using the Shu eyelash curler and even though my lashes are pretty long and look perfectly fine without curling, using the curler puts my lashes into another category!!! I had a facial at Bliss in NYC last Saturday and the esthetician asked me if I had fake lashes on!
  13. I'm sorry you didn't like it, I find with mascara I need to use it a few times before I fall in love with it, even with dior show, when I first buy it it's too wet but after I use it a few times it's exactly the right consistancy, I found the same with the Shu Uemura.....It's almost too fresh on the first use.
  14. it's my personal fave.