Anyone tried Sacha Cosmetics?? Reviews on Foundations?

  1. Has anyone tried Sacha Cosmetics items? The foundation sounds good, since it is full coverage... and the fact that it used to be the 'official' cosmetic line of several big beauty pageants. Anyone have inputs? Did it make you break out or is it chalky or plain gross? Thanks!
  2. Anyone? I'd like to know too.:yes:
  3. I've never tried it but if it's used for beauty pageants, I wouldn't use it. I don't think most people need the intense coverage, not like we're under lights every moment, KWIM? I would think it is pretty heavy and would cause break outs.
  4. I've tried it. It is on the thick side, which is good for coverage, but it didn't look very nice in outdoor sunlight to me. I switched to MAC Studio Fix as a full-coverage powder makeup, and I like that one a lot more. Hope this was helpful.
  5. They have so many types of foundations i did not know which to tryso i initially tried the liquid called second skin but it was a bit oily for me so a friend told me that they have another type calle dcream to powder which was really good, i got medium coverage and not to mention that the shade fit my skin tone perfectly since their foundations are yellow based. I was really happy with the cream to powder... from what i heard they also have like atleast 3 or 4 more types of foundation but i prefer not to switch. I heard good stuff about their lipsticks but never tried it... maybe i will soon...