Anyone tried products by "Fresh" ?

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  1. So i'm on a hunt to look for new powders/foundations/ etc. I was in Sephora the other day....... and i came upon some products by FRESH... has anyone tried them?

    I would really appreciate any feedbacks~ I'm using Laura Mercier... but the color doesn't seem to match me.
  2. I haven't.. mainly because of the hefty price tag, but I'm sure some of the ladies here have. Let's hear some reviews, girls!
  3. I haven't tried any of their makeup, but I use and love the Rose Face Mask.
  4. I haven't tried any of the Fresh makeup, but I have many other products from the line. If the makeup is anything like everything else the line makes I would have to guess that they'll be exceptional
  5. I love their strawberry face scrub, it leaves my face glowing !!!
  6. Thats the brand that has the mascara that J.LO buys in bundles..
  7. lol.. thanks ladies! Maybe i should wait out a little to see if anyone else had already tried the powders/foundations
  8. I think my friend uses a palette of Fresh eyeshadows, but I could be wrong. i've never used any of the products myself.
  9. supposedly marcia cross uses the fresh ancienne cream to keep her face very smooth and young

    their lip balm and supernova mascara have gotten good reviews tho
    and their sake bath
  10. I haven't tried Fresh's powders - I am curious to hear a review too!

    I do currently use Fresh's Sugar Deodorant and I really like the scent.
  11. Fresh is amaaaazing. I swear by Fresh.

    I really love their "Absolute Concealer". It's fabulous. It's very lightweight and smooth. I've heard that a lot of celebrities use it and love it too. The eye shadows also come in very pretty colours. For lips, I adore the "Sugar Lip Gloss". All of their sugar products are amazing and smell great. The colours for the lip gloss again are beautiful. The fragrances are light and fresh. For body care, my favourite line is the Milk one. I absolutely adore the Nectarine Milk body lotions and creams. They smell incredible. Finally, they make so many amazing soaps wrapped in beautiful paper. My favourites are the "Orange Chocolate" and the "Pink Grapefruit".
  12. The nectarine lotion is fantastic!
    This probably my favorite line of products. I have VERY sensitive skin and it is one of the few lines that doesnt bother me.
    The Supernova mascara is great, the concealer, I love many of the lotions and perfumes.
    I cant tell you how many times I have given a jar of the sugar scrub as a gift. It is pricey but a great splurge.
  13. Can you buy the whole line in Sephora?
  14. i like fresh bath/body products but never even thought of considering to use their makeup line.
  15. Their MU primer and MU made my skin so smooooth! The spots of rosacea around my nose disappeared :yahoo: