Anyone Tried Ordering the Chocolate Carly?

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  1. Has anyone tried ordering this, edit:THE LEATHER CHOCOLATE CARLY, not through the 800 number, but thru a friendly store?

    Seeing someone posted their store already has it
    and alot of people, including myself, have been able to order stuff that isn't available till august, i wouldn't doubt that this is orderable.

    It's not something I'm interested in (without seeing) myself. Just posting this to spark some ideas before PCE is over in you ladies' mind that plan on getting one of these.

    I'd try it, but I'm at work and unfortunately at the moment, I don't have a phone at my desk. DON'T LAUGH!

    If anyone tries and please report back for others to see =)
  2. You can get it at my boutique here in ARK.
  3. are you talking about the leather chocolate?
  4. Oops yes, leather choc carly.
  5. I saw the leather chocolate yesterday in the boutique in milwaukee, wi. it is beautiful IRL
  6. What color was the trim?
  7. i want to say it was all the same color, but i really don't remember for sure. i will be going through again this week so I can stop by and take a pic with my cell for ya :smile:
  8. Awesome you are!
  9. Can we order this NOW or is it pre-order for August? Does anyone know?