Anyone tried MD Skincare??

  1. Hey ladies,

    As I'm always on the lookout for good skincare products due to my (Ugh-blackheads and oily T-zone), just wanted to see if any of you have tried MD SKincare?

    Saw this MD Skincare All Over Blemish Solution; reviews look good but it was quite pricey at $84? So, just wondering if anyone here has used it/heard of any experiences!

    I have sensitive skin too though..I used to get Skinceuticals..they were okay but after a while, I didnt notice much difference...

  2. Have you tried Bliss labs? I find their products really really good. Bought the oxygenating mask thingy and am very very impressed with it.
  3. hmm..thanks for the tip..I may have to try it out! Just wondering, do you have sensitive skin too?
  4. hey i use one MD product and i liked it. haven't tried the one you mentioned but i think their line is good. i have combination and sensitive skin too.
  5. really? that's great...I think I will try it now ! :p
  6. I hope it works for you!

    i think they sell them at sephora right? why don't you get it from there and if you decide you don't like it they'll let you return it if you've just used a little bit.

    always good to have that option. but hopefully it'll work great for you =)
  7. thats good to know! but I have bought from and they give me 10% off from one of my I may use that instead!

  8. I use their tinted moisturizer every day and I love it! I have oily/combination skin and it works great. It also doesn't make me break out, which is another plus.
  9. ^^ you mean MD skincare? that's great, I have more stuff to check out! thanks!
  10. I used the Alpha/Beta peels that they have. I used them everyday for 2 months straight. They were pretty good. I just got a facial from a spa that uses Sonya Dakar and Dermalogica and she used a daily refinisher on me that might be better than MD Skincare's peels.

    Btw now until the 30th of April you can get 20% off at
  11. I use their self heating mask and cleanser with toner and love them!
  12. thanks ladies for the insights!
  13. I use MD skincare facewash/toner. I love it! Makes my skin glow! I got it at Nordstroms so I can always return if I don't react well to it. But I think I've found my HG face wash!
  14. I use the MD Skincare tinted moisturizer and an eyecream. I love their products and get more each time I am at the Grand Hotel spa.
  15. cool...I just ordered the All Over Blemish Lotion on and I got the 20% off plus a free bottle of a moisturizer from MD that costs about 40? good deal huh