Anyone tried Leatherique?

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  1. I am curious about this product, too. But I'm afraid to try it on an expensive bag.

    If anyone has tried it, what were the results like?
  2. Do you know if it has silicone in it? I don't use products with silicone on my bags.
  3. I've only used it on my car and no it contains no silicone. IF you use it on your bag you need to place your bag in a hot enclosed area for several hours to a day so the steam and heat will help it penetrate the bag. it contains all natural ingredients and does actually make the leather softer and cleaner.
  4. I'm curious if anyone has tried the leatherique "rejuvenator oil" and "prestine clean" on their handbag. If so, what type of leather was it and what were your results?

    I'm thinking of testing it out on a vintage bag restoration, but would like to hear about others experiences with the products.

  5. A HA!
    I have just applied the second coat of Rejuvenator Oil onto my vintage Chanel black lambskin. After the first coat, i let the bag sit on my kitchen counter overnight.
    This morning, i applied a second coat, wrap it loosely in a plastic bag and put it in the sun for some heat as i didn't want to use a hair dryer as suggested on the instruction pamphlet.
    An hour later, i came back and the bag was warm and filled with condensation inside the bag!
    I rush it inside, ripped off the plastic bag and dabbed at the condensation on my Chanel with the same cloth i had applied the Rejuvenator Oil.
    Now i'm awaiting the results before i finish it off with the Pristine Clean