Anyone tried Juvederm for a plumper pout?? I did it today and it looks great!

  1. After becoming a slave to monthly microdermbrasions and glycolic peels for the last 6 months or so....I took a plunge a week ago and got Botox on my forehead for the horizontal creases that have annoyed me since high school (I am 28 now). I LOVE the results and while I was there I asked about plumping my pout with Juvederm. I had an appointment today for it at 2:00 PM and it is 5:00 PM and it already looks awesome, not freaky or "trout poutish" whatsoever (that was my biggest fear). I told the Doc (my PS)to make my lips look like Jessica Alba's :graucho: I was afraid it would look terrible for at least a day, but they said that Juvederm has no side effects usually, it is Restalyn that gives that trouty look. I highly recommend it to anyone that is considering it. I have no before pics, sorry! They are probably a tiny bit swollen, but what do you think?

    Eeeeew! OMG, that photo makes my face look like a hairy monster with the flash....SCARY! My lips seem to look bigger in the pic than IRL...hmmmm.
  2. Your lips look amazing! I've been thinking about doing something with my lips...My top lip is very thin, and I really would like to plump it up. About how long does the juvederm last?
  3. looks great and very natural :tup:! i'm glad that you're loving it.
  4. In clinical trials Juvederm lasted 4-6 months on the average patient. The patient pool was female between 24-43. I think it looks great. I like Juv much better than Restylane. I think the most impt thing is to get a good injector..someone who can make the lips fuller and even.
  5. Is it expensive?
  6. Your pic is the BEST ad for Juvederm I have ever seen! I'm 29 and hooked on Botox for lines, but I had never considered a filler....until TODAY. Your lips are gorgeous!
  7. I agree, your lips look very natural!
    I've wanted to plump my lips for a while now, but after seeing pics of scary celebrities (like Britney) getting their's done and ending up with that bee-stung look, I've been hesitant.
  8. ohhh ahh me like!! I soo want to do this but am afraid to take this plunge, ive never done anything like that b4, hell ive never even colored my hair! but I cant help thinking, I want to start using fillers and such to keep my skin looking the way it does,b4 the wrinkles start. soo confused
  9. Thanks for all of the sweet comments :flowers: I did feel VERY wierd putting a pics of my lips up, but I figured where else but tPF will people give you an honest opinon and not think you are a freak!:nuts:.

    To answer the questions.....the first time you do Juvederm, it lasts around 4 months. The second time and thereafter usually from 6-9 months and in some people a whole year. I guess the first time you do it your body's defense mechanism kicks in and tries to "get rid" of it faster.

    It costs around $600......and here is the kicker, my PS did it for FREE because I have referred them numerous clients and I go in regularly for facial treatments. I love their office staff so much, they just told me, "This time it is on us, don't worry about paying, it is our thanks to you and Merry Christmas!":yahoo:

    SO cool! But of course, I will do it again and it won't be free, but that was so nice of them, I was shocked.

    My bottom lip is also a teeny tiny bit bruised today, but nothing that a light colored gloss does not cover up. I am really pleased with the results.

    For info, it is Restalyn NOT Juvederm that gives that bad "Britney" lip look. The PS office said that is a typical look with Restalyn especially if the person injecting it is not super experienced.

    They said Juvederm can also give that "fishy" or "duck" look, but once again, it is the fault of the person injecting it and it is less likely to occur with Juvederm vs. Restalyn.

    Additionally, they told me if you consumed a TON of booze or a lot of Motrin the night before or day of your injection, you are more likely to bruise and bleed during and right after the injection. I did not bleed at all and the bruising is probably only because I went out and partied the night before *shame*. They sell stuff called Arnica Montana if you bruise easily and supposedly it reduces your chances of bruising.

    The procedure itself was not painful because they did a full dental block on me so you feel nothing. You are just numb for about an hour or so. Even the needles for the block did not hurt because they stuck Q-tips covered in numbing stuff (Lidocaine I think??) on the injection spots. One spot in the center of my upper lip was not fully numb and when she injected the Juvederm, it definitely did not feel good! I can't even imagine doing it without being numb!
  10. Thanks for the info. Now, I need to start researching doctors...
  11. thanks for all the info,enjoy your early christmas gift!!!
  12. this might sound like a dumb question but after 4 months, are you lips going to be back to the old size?
  13. Probably....but I think I am going to get them done again as soon as they start going down :graucho:
  14. OMG!! They look BEAUTIFUL!!!
  15. omg thats so awesome u got it free!! it looks so natural and gorgeous!! congrats :yahoo: