Anyone tried Justin Timberlake's jean line "William Rast"

  1. I'm intrigued. I might try some on, but the price tag is pretty steep.
  2. I've only tried some on, but the cuts vary, so make sure you find your correct size first :smile:

    the washes are AWESOME and the denim quality appears to be fantastic as well
  3. Im also interested in what people have to say about this line, ive been tempted to try it. All I know is Jessica Simpson seems to love it.
  4. I've had a couple pairs. I think they run a half size large, imo. I like them but their rises are a tad lower than I like, so I usually save them for my skinny-feeling days. :smile: You can try finding them on eBay; there aren't too many fakes out there yet (but you'll want to double check authenticity on one of the denim forums just in case).
  5. Saw them on, but not Saks or Neimans. Do you think they will become more popular.
  6. They have william rast jeans at saks (in beverly hills at least). i have a pair and have tried on others. they are LOW... think frankie Bs (or maybe even lower). i'm not really a fan...
  7. i've been tempted to try these too, they look great on Jessica Simpson. They are quite expensive though, i'd rather spend the same amount on a pair of True Religion's.
  8. ^^ try ebay. i'm pretty sure mine was around $50
  9. My girlfriend has the skinny pair and they look HOT on her. She's petite but they look HOT HOT HOT! :biggrin: I don't own a pair though.
  10. I love love love William Rast jeans.

    I was lucky enough to have gotten a code from the Deals and Steals forum. Blueroofdenimdotcom has occasional sales where their jeans (or everything) will be 50% off! It was GREAT. I love their jeans.

    I do agree that the sizes run a little large. I had a pair of 27s and I definitely need a belt to keep them up sometimes.

    But the "Savoy" fit are the ones that you see on Jessica Simpson all the time. And those are SUPER low. However, I also have a pair of the "Belle" fit, and I love those, and those are NOT as low. I like them alot.

    I think that the denim is of a really nice quality and I really enjoy the fit, and I'm one of the girls that has a set of curvy hips and a big butt, so I'm not speaking from the supermodel thing side.

    If you want to try them, I would highly recommend trying them from BlueRoof. They have a really easy return policy (free returns!) and they always have those 50% sales.
  11. Ive always want to try them, but the price is the only thing that's stopping me. I havent seen any on sale yet, except for a pair of overalls at nm. Hats, I love your avatar, btw. He/she is so cute!!!
  12. love them! i have a few pairs and they all run a half to full size large. i believe the denim company is related to people's liberation somehow. anyway, most of the denim has been thick and sturdy but still soft :smile: and the washes are really nice. even though they are not on or, they do have them at saks and neiman marcus b&m stores.
  13. I have tried them and they are super comfy! I find that they have that already worn in feel, so they're not all stiff when you first put them on. And some have the white contrast stitching which I find adds a nice touch, so they can go with something casual or dressed up. I admit I wasn't expecting much when I first tried them on, but i'm very impressed!
  14. I just tried these on and it was a big mistake. I love them. They are so expensive though. Upwards of $200. Maybe I'll save up. I really have to have a pair now.
  15. Very low rise and tight. Don't recall the style I tried on, but wasn't the most comfortable IMO.