Anyone tried Fraxel Laser & results?

  1. Just wondering if anyone had had Fraxel Laser done. I am from Sydney, Australia and recently advertised on TV. Apparently it's been around for a number of years in the US. I have some visible Acne scars and apparently Fraxel is great for removing the scars. Anyone tired it? What are the results like?
  2. Wish I knew...Anyone tried it yet
  3. I have. I

    had deep acne scars & had 5 fraxel treatments over a course of about 6 months & totally see an improvement. Apparently even after your last treatment it can take up to a year to see the actual results.

    A few downsides, it is expensive, you cannot be in the sun at all while you are getting treatment (so no sun bathing) & I found it does hurt a bit. Also, it is not a procedure that you can get down during your lunch hour as your skin puffs up so I would do it on a Fri & have the weekend to recuperate.

    I think this is the only thing that can actually get rid of acne scars no matter what everyone says about creams, facials etc they do not work as the scars are in the deeper layers of your skin not the top. If your skin truly bothers you, I would do it but don't just do one do a few as it really has made me feel better about myself