Anyone tried foot petals? Did they work for you?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a couple of pairs of the tip-toe ones (and probably try the other ones too), but would like to know first if they actually work, being that I think they're a little expensive. I just need relief for the balls of my feet from wearing high heeled shoes. Thanks in advance for the input!
  2. I was skeptical too, until I got to try them...they definitely work. My feet feel a lot better wearing the same shoes after I've put them in.
  3. I love Foot Petals; I just stocked up on some yesterday for some of my higher heels. They work great without being too obstructive.
  4. I agree with everyone. Foot Petals are great. True, they are expensive, but they really do make a difference. The material is special because it isn't a gel, it isn't a foam, it's this weird poly-something that really cushions your step. They're slim too, so they shouldn't alter the fit of your shoes too much.
  5. I tried Foot Petals but they got flattened out and weren't that comfortable after a while. When I was buying wedding shoes the wedding shoe lady recommended these insoles which were a lot better than the Foot Petals and it feels like I'm walking on a cloud! They don't have a sticky tape on the bottom but they stay in place and you could rotate them in all your shoes if you want. I like to have a pair in every shoe (due to laziness).

    Sure Comfort Halter Cushion - Accessories - Ballroom Dance Shoes by Showtime

    They really saved my feet on my wedding day :yahoo:
  6. love love foot petal!!!!they save my feet...a lot!hehe..

    ^ really?i'm gonna try that:pthx
  7. Ooooh I'm going to have to try these!!
  8. I love foot petals :yes: