Anyone Tried David Kirsch's "Thermo Bubbles"?

  1. I recently watched an episode (pre-golden globes) of Access Hollywood and Celebrity Fitness Trainer Guru David Kirsch was on giving his secrets as to how stars get red carpet ready. (including how the fabulous Heidi Klum got back into shape after being preggers!)
    Anyways, he was promoting this product called "Thermo Bubbles" which basically is a thermogenic blend of herbs to help flush away the fat. He ranted and raved about how the stars drink it before any red carpet event and its just flushes away all excess bloat and slims them so they can look super hott in their gowns.
    Has anyone tried this stuff?? I just ordered it and its a bit pricey...but if it works...i will def. order another box!
    any experiences please share!
    thanks girls.