Anyone tried Coca Cola Blak?

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  1. It came out in the U.S. on April 3rd....its supposed to be "Coca Cola effervesence fused with coffee essence". If anyone's tasted it, how was it?
  2. omg this sounds so disgusting... they named it appropriately. blek!!! :smile:
  3. yeah, that seems to be the general opinion, at least on the show "Best Week Ever" on VH1, everyone hated it!
  4. sounds icky!!
  5. Considering I can't drink soda or coffee that would be like pure poison to me. I imagine college students might guzzle Coca Cola Blak like crazy before a test.
  6. I haven't seen this yet. I'm wondering what the "coffee essence" is? That would suggest perhaps caffeine, but that already exists in Coke.

    If I find some, I promise to taste it and report back. lol
  7. I saw some in the store for the first time yesterday. I saw Kelly try it on Regis and Kelly and she made a face like it was gross.
  8. I haven't tried this Coke, or seen it in the grocery store. I wish they hadn't stopped making Vanilla Coke :sad: It was so good! The Diet Vanilla Coke tastes funky :suspiciou

    I'm a Diet Coke addict, I have at work at exactly 2:30 p.m. every day. I need a caffiene fix after lunch :P
  9. Oh, vanilla Coke was yummy! I didn't realize they stopped making it. :sad: Have you tried Coke Zero? I think it is the best tasting diet Coke yet.
  10. Ooooh interesting flavor! I'd want to try just for the sake of it!
  11. I tried Coke Zero, but I thought it was too sweet. The bf buys coke with Splenda, and it's gross :sick: Diet Coke with lime is good, too, especially when it's mixed with rum :shame: :P
  12. i thought the zero was two sweet too. the whole reason i drink diet soda is because the full sugar stuff makes me sick...i've been drinking diet soda since i was a kid b/c it was all my dad would ever let me have.

    i liked diet van. coke... i didn't know they dc'd it. sad. :sad: hubby likes all those funky diet cokes (lemon, lime, black cherry vanilla :sick: ) but give me the plain stuff any day although i don't mind the lime so much (i prefer fresh lime, but whatever). mmmm. diet soda. :smile:
  13. I haven't tried it, but it sounds icky! We all know coke and coffee both stain your teeth. We seriously do not need both in the same drink. The name's appropriate, though, cuz Blak is the color your teeth are gonna be!
  14. I haven't, but I tried a couple of coffe cola drinks in the past that were horrible. I think they need to remain separate entities.
  15. disgusting.