anyone tried clinic francaise / Cellu M6 machine ??

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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone has tried clinic francaise to get rid of fats and cellulite..

    this is their website

    this is a description of the treatment

    [FONT=geneva,arial,sans-serif]The client wears a body stocking to protect the skin & is massaged for 40 minutes with a Cellu M6 machine which gently lifts and rolls the skin with a sucking sensation. With the deep masage the cellulite (hard gel) is becoming more liquid. Then the client starts the Detox session (medical dry sauna) for 40 minutes where he will burn up to 1000 calories per session without any physical effort and raise significant levels of growth hormones helping to maintain lean body tissues[/FONT]

    do u think this work? or just a waste of money?
  2. It is a TOTAL waste of money. I tried over 25 treatments and i saw not even 1 inch of fat loss and my cellulite was only gone for the day after my treatment. It's just an expensive Sauna. They are not even a registered company under Clinic Francaise. I have an order from the tribunal to refund my money and i still havent received my cheque. Total fraud. The guy has gone AWOL.
  3. YES I HAVE USED THE SERVICE of Clinic Francaise & GOT SATISFACTORY RESULT . I personally recommend to all use the service of CLINIC AT LEAST ONCE . But I want say before Use the service, talk with DOC clearly & openly.
  4. Hi there, I have never tried this ever and not even heard of this. But I guess massaging the cellulite affected area helps a lot to reduce your cellulite.