Anyone tried a brush from Yves Durif?

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  1. My favorite paddle brush died, today. I was looking to purchase a vented paddle brush, b/c my hair holds water like no other. Blow drying is a chore. I remember Sabrina (The Beauty Lookbook) reviewing the brush...but there was not a lot of detail. Other reviews on the web seemed sponsored.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. i prefer my yves durif over my mason pearson brushes any day. i only have the comb and the petite brush, but they're both great quality and well worth the price. they don't stab at my scalp or cause any hair breakage. i don't see any reason why the vented brush won't be of similar quality. sorry i can't be more helpful!
  3. I bought the vented brush used it for a few days and returned it. First it’s a lot smaller than a paddle brush no where near adequate for me I have long thick wavy hair. I also felt like it was flimsy and it felt like it would break easily(the black part). I haven’t tried the oval shaped one which may be better quality wise but i’d stay away from the vented one. I bought the vented one with hopes of it helping me blow dry my hair quickly nope I couldn’t even make it though one blow dry. I will look through my pictures I don’t remember if I took one of the brush or not if so I’ll post it.

    For paddle brushes I tend to alternate between aveda and GHD. I also like the wet brush for after a shower and the madora purse comb. After I wash my hair I start off with the madora comb, then the wet brush, then my paddle brush. The madora purse comb is the best comb ever! I originally bought the full size and didn’t really like it, then I tried a mason person comb didn’t like it either. Then I decided to try the smaller purse size madora comb and LOVED it. I think that the size makes it easier to manage getting knots out of my hair and it’s so gentle I have a sensitive scalp. I was never a big comb person but my long hair gets very tangled after I wash it and wanted to find a wide tooth comb to help minimize the breakage.