Anyone travel with an inhaler? (Air travel)

  1. Hello everyone!
    I will be traveling tomorrow; because of a recent bout with the flu, I am kind of dependent on my inhaler...know about restrictions. This was not an issue before, because I opted to leave it at home. (I was fine.)
    Did anyone have trouble with TSA?
  2. Bring your inhaler, the box, and prescription showing in your name and you should be fine!
  3. Like the person above stated, you do need the original box with that prescription sticker on it or your doctor can write you a note.
  4. and be sure to declare it as a 'liquid' and put it in your plastic bag
  5. I've traveled with mine A LOT this past year and have never brought the Rx label with me. And I've never been asked about it. But the others are right, you might want to bring the prescription label with you.
  6. I travel with mine alot.I never had an issue.However I did have an issue with carrying an epi pen(for allergic reaction).I got pulled aside in Paris.They said you need to carry a docs note along with it to bring it on board the plane..stating the medical necessity
  7. I always have mine with me too and I just leave it in my bag to go through the scanners. No-one's ever said anything
  8. Hi all
    Am back already! Short trip. Took your advice and rustled up box, and went to drug store, they printed up another label for the inhaler itself. After all that, here's what happened: Upon arriving at the checkpoint, I inquried of TSA staffer. His response? Put with rest of things in tub. When I was returning, I put it on top of things being X-rayed in the tub. No challenge, no checking, no problem. Go figure. I bet if I had done nothing, I would have trouble from TSA. Thanks alot for your help
  9. bring your inhaler. If you always travel with it, you definitely need it. Besides, you can declare it.