Anyone training for a marathon or a half marathon?

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  1. My husband just ran his first marathon this past weekend and it really made me want to run one. I think I will first run a half this coming spring in Atlanta. Would love to hear anyone else's experience or what their training schedule is like.
  2. I just ran a half in October but I'm a runner so I am always running, just added some longer runs. Check out and you should be able to find a good traiing program for either for newbies.

    I would think for a half, you would want to work yourself up to running 25-30 miles a week for at least a month or two and definitely include some longer runs of 10-12 miles towards the end.

    Best of luck and be careful, you might get hooked like me.
  3. I've run a number of halfs and 2 full marathons. A good beginner program that you can find on the internet is by Hal Higdon. Team In Training uses his programs and they are actually quite manageable--running no more than 4 times per week, to avoid injury.
    Best of luck--I know you will get addicted!!!
  4. I was going to ask the same thing. I have been running regularly for the last four months or so and would love to do a half marathon :jammin:
  5. I ran the Marine Corps. Marathon about 15 years ago. I've also run half-marathons. But that was back in the day. I wish I could offer you the tips I used for training, but all I can remember is that I was a nut for running. It possessed my life and so the races seemed a natural progression.

    I do know that the few weeks leading up to the marathon (26.2 miles) I would run about 20 miles on a Sat. or Sun. and then about three miles a day a couple more times a week.

    I have no idea why I quit running. I just stopped. This is a timely thread for me b/c last week I just started running again. I can't explain it...I put on my shoes and flew! Now I'm starting up again.

    Good luck to all of you for training and experiencing the joy of running. I'd love to hear your training stories.

    I just thought of one thing that helped a lot. I carried packs of life savers with me for instant sugar.
  6. I have a question about running:

    Is it either you love it or hate it? Because I loathe running while I'm physically doing it but afterwards it makes me feel good about myself. How do you get to the point where you really love running?
  7. LOL! I don't have a helpful answer for you! Maybe it's one of those things that are bittersweet. The fact that you feel good about yourself afterwards means it does have a positive effect. :flowers:
  8. running with a local running group can really help, esp. when it comes to long runs. you meet great ppl and they have some nice routes mapped out.

    i really love 1/2 marathons. i had to train to be able to do them, and when i was done, i really felt like accomplished something. and, there is little to no recovery time! i shower, eat, and hang out! a full marathon is just not for me.

    have fun!
  9. **raises hand***

    me, me.
    I've been running off and on for about five years, but just this year got more serious about it. I've run a lot of shorter races, like 10ks and five mile runs, but never anything longer than that. I'm currently training for half marathon in February. I run four times per week, three short runs and one longer run.

    I plan to run a marathon next year.
  10. I can run 5 to 6 miles comfortably so I don't think the training will be too hard. Part of me wants to just skip the half and go for the full. But when I ran 6 on Sat. the last thing I wanted to do was run another 20.2. Maybe we should start a running log here so we can encourage each other in our training.
  11. I ran a full marathon 3 years ago, and I'm currently training for another one in March. I don't actually enjoy running, and my pace is pretty slow, but I wanted to set a goal (for the first one, it was completion; for this upcoming one, it's to beat my time from the first one) and reach it!

    "Marathon" by Jeff Galloway is an excellent book, and the training group I've been running with follows that philosophy - basically, being careful not to overtrain (the source of most running injuries) and what he calls the run-walk method (which is basically, running for x minutes, brisk walking for 1 minute, run for x minutes, brisk walk for 1 min, etc) which helps with pacing and also gives your body a break.

    Because I've had some overuse injuries I keep my running to a minimum - 3x/week (two very short midweek runs to work on hills and pace, one longer weekend run) but mix in 3 days of cross-training (swimming, elliptical, etc) to keep fitness levels up.

    If you're interested, PM me and I can send you the training schedule for the group I run with - it's about a 7-month program, but it's designed for non-runners so if you're already in good shape you can reduce that.
  12. Has anyone used both the hal higdon and jeff galloway program? Which do you prefer and why?
  13. I have been running more but I always get derailed by winter. I just don't run in the winter, lol! It's just too cold, and the gym is too boring for long runs (plus I don't want to hog the treadmill)...
    Anyone run outside in the winter? LOL who am I kidding, I see so many people running outside even when there's snow. I guess I just need to get my lazy self up and run.
  14. I try to run a half-marathon a month, and I ran the Chicago marathon in October. I prefer the marathon plans designed by Runner's World--they used to tout Hal Higdon, but they now have a new one that I just love:,7120,s6-238-244-255-11937-0,00.html. It's less weekly mileage than Hal, so it's easier to maintain with a busy work schedule.
  15. Thanks! I'll have to look it up.