Anyone traded in their diamonds for something new?

  1. Ok, I'm new when it comes to diamonds but while I was cleaning out my closet, I found an old diamond necklace from an ex bf years ago. I was thinking of putting it up on ebay until I read the receipt.

    Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Policy :nuts:

    You may trade in your diamond at least double the trade-in value. The trade-in value is the original purchase price, excluding tax, plus 5% appreciation per year up to 10 years.

    Now I'm thinking I can get a better deal by trading in this diamond necklace for a pair of diamond studs earring or something. Did anyone here ever try trading in their diamonds? What's the procedure to go about this? Do I just walk into the jewelry store and ask for a trade in? I feel a bit intimidated to walk in, not buy anything and ask for a trade in. :shame:

    Mods: I'm not selling my necklace, but just asking for an opinion about trade-in policy. Thanks for your understanding. :flowers:
  2. I'm debating on doing it w/ some of mine. . .
    we're upgrading my wedding ring at our 10 yr mark that's in 3 yrs. I am thinking of just trading the whole thing in. . .
    my sentimental side says no, but my greedy side say "YES!!! Trade it in and you can get a MUCH bigger diamond!!!"
  3. That sounds like what I would do. :lol:

  4. I think you would do much better trading it in. Ebay can vary so much.

    As long as you have the receipt, you are good to go! Just walk right in with all of it. Even if you have to put some $ towards the new piece, you still will do well.

    Good for you......a treat for little to no $!!!!!!!:wlae:
  5. Thanks Pearl! :heart: That's what I'll do next week. :yes:
  6. You have to let us know what you get! :yes:
  7. Sure thing! Let's see what kind of a new bling this old necklace can get me to. :lol:
  8. be aware that most of these upgrade policies (including yours according to what you posted) require that you double the purchase say your ex bought the necklace for 1000 dollars...when you trade it in you have to spend 2000. usually not a big deal, but it's a fine print thing that most people i know missed the first time around and then had to save some more. :smile:

    hope you get some amazing studs! :yes:
  9. I have done trade ins before, and most places will stick to the double the purchase price policy, while others will just do it as a return. Good luck to you, and I can't wait to see what you get!
  10. Sorry but I don't understand... :sad: I thought when they mean "double the purchase price" it simply means that for a $300 necklace, I can trade it in for a $600 jewelry? Or is this just wishful thinking? :Push:

    He got this when he was just a poor college boy so it's not a $1000 necklace. :shame: I wish!! :lol:

    Just give me some cheap studs and I'll be happy!! :P

    Edit: Ok, I just re-read the policy based on your interpretation and it's now more clear to me. I think you're right about it. :sad: I'll still drop by the store and check it out. I don't mind applying some $ towards a new bling.
  11. It (should) mean that you have to trade it in for something that costs at least twice the amount of what your ex originally spent. If he spent $300, then you can trade in the necklace and pay $300 (in addition to you trading in the necklace). Does that make sense?
  12. I had the same deal on my engagement ring. We tried to do a trade up for a larger diamond and found that the store was offering me a larger diamond -yes, but the quality was not as good. They were going to take my original stone and then charge me another $4000 for the size stone I wanted. I just didn't feel that they were giving me a good deal, giving me enough stones to choose from, and found they way less than honest. You really have to watch the stores that offer this because often they "mark up" the price of the diamond you want to trade up to - in order to get your original stone AND more money out of you . Good deal for them, bad deal for you. Be careful.

    We ended up going elsewhere and buying a larger diamond AND I got to keep my original engament ring that I will make into a pendant later.
  13. Got it!! :yes: Thank you for educating this jewelry newbie! :P
  15. Irissy I don't know how reputable they are but I do know their diamonds are not the best quality. But if you have a trade in policy there it would be worth looking into.