Anyone thoughts on the Mono Luco Tote?

  1. I really like big bags, and would love to have an LV shoulder bag. Does anyone have a Mono Canvas Luco Tote, and if so, what has your experience been - any sagging, does it keep its form? Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. I don't have this bag but from I can see it is very structured and you shouldn't have a problem with sagging. It measures 12"x16"x4" so it really isn't too wide. I think it would be good for carrying papers, small books, and other daytime necessities(probably a good work tote)--If you are looking for something more heavy duty, you may want to look into the Cabas Piano or Cabas Mezzo. :smile:
  3. i like it a lot...more structured and has more compartments. looks like it would be better to carry a laptop in...

    i also like the beige microfiber lining ;)

  4. i like the lining as well. i think Nola has it.
  5. I have it..too strustured for me! It is really large and I agree would be good for holding a laptop. The shoulder keeps falling off my shoulder too. Doesn't open very wide to get into..I have to set it down to dig in it.

    all-in-all...not liking mine
  6. This bag is too big for me, too stiff,the opening is not that wide, too structured for my liking..
  7. i want pics of it!
  8. I have it, and it's one of my all-time favorite bags. Haven't been using it as much lately because mine's kind of beat up... I used it every day for years.

    It's very structured (rigid, almost) and will never sag, no matter what you put in it. I think I overworked mine a bit by putting a small laptop in it... the straps are a bit too thin to withstand *that* much weight, imo. It's a great size for people who like big bags, and surprisingly slim in it's profile.

    I guess I like it so much because it's so roomy and still structured. I don't like floppy bags (ala Speedy w/ it's famous sag).

    Here are some ref pics (sorry for bad quality... and bathroom!) I'm 5'8, 120lbs, size 2-4ish for reference.

    Ooh, and it has a zip-top, which I love.
    luco front.jpg luco side.jpg
  9. It does look great when carried but not so sure about the opening though.
  10. Thank you all for your replies, and thanks for the pics Lala - that really helps to see it being carried for a reference. I love the bag, and now after hearing so many positive responses, I think I will just have to buy it!!! :yes: Thanks, again, and I will post some pics once my collection is one family member larger!
  11. Unfortuately this bag has been discontinued. Looks like eBay will be your best choice if you want one.
  12. ^^ Oh didn't know it's been dicsontinued. I tried it on before at the store and it was heavy and a bit too large. I settled on the Babylone instead which can hold as much and is tons lighter.
  13. It's a cute bag! I'd recommend it if you're into big bags.
  14. I like and dislike the structured look... I find it nice that it's got a shape, but it might be uncomfy to carry cos of the body. It's also a little too wide. I'd prefer if they made it slightly smaller.

    If you like big bags, you might also like BH.
  15. i have a Luco. it doesn't sag at all and it's very nice and comfortable to carry. it's one of my favourite:smile: