anyone thinks Polly is too big ??

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  1. I just realised that i haven't used my Polly at all !! its still sitting in my closet .... its a great looking bag but i am not sure if i will look a bit ridiculous with her on me since she's quite big.....and i am only 5'4 :sweatdrop: anyone thinks its too big for me ?
  2. Sorry, dumb question - what's a Polly?
  3. I was wondering the same thing.. :confused1:
  4. Monogram Leopard Polly


    Embossed Leather Polly

    Very large and also very stunning bags...​
  5. i :heart: big bags and i'm 5'3!
  6. no the polly is gorgeous it needs to be big to stunn people!!!
  7. Wow too involved in my purchases and nearly miss this...

    NO WAY IT IS TOO BIG. The Polly is gorgeous.
  8. wow the polly is so pretty!!! i :heart: big bags! use it!!

  9. Same here! The Polly is a great size. It is definitely meant to looking stunning. Which one do you have? Post up modeling pics! I am sure it looks devine on you. :flowers:
  10. No way!!! That bag is one of my favorites!!!! Wish I had one!!!!!!
  11. Take it out and enjoy!
  12. In her avatar it looks like the embossed one to me, but I might be wrong :smile: And it is a gorgeous bag! I certainly don't think its too big for you, it might be a little big on me since I'm only 4'11 though! ;)
  13. lol... my first question was "what is a polly", then I scrolled down and saw these 2 gorgeous photos posted by LVMode.... the POLLY IS HOT! I'll tote it in a heart beat no matter how big it is IRL :nuts:
  14. my mom just got a brand new one on ebay in Fawn (I think thats the color) for a STEAL! shes like 5'5 TOPS... its big but looks great!
  15. oh! i would kill for a polly!!! I would use her alllllll the time. Try a few outfits with her or just wear her around the house for a bit to get use to the style. Never worry about what other people think, you have a stunning bag that should be allowed out!!!